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All proceeds
will go to
With the patronage
of the City of Verona

Shoes Ink Love is an event organized by the AS98 brand, Italian excellence in the footwear industry, in collaboration with Alle Tattoo, a Guinness Man and tattoo artist, the Kismet band and Simeoni Arti Grafiche. All these Italian flagships will meet in Verona on February 12th, 2017, on the occasion of St Valentine’s day for a special afternoon. From 4:30 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. in the AS98 shop in Via Quattro Spade 3/C, just a few steps away from the Arena di Verona, Alle Tattoo will customize AS98 bracelets with the initials of lovers, friends and all the fans who wish to have a special memory dedicated to them. The music of Kismet will be a crowning background for an event dedicated to charity, with all proceeds from the event going to the Gold For Kids project of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation for pediatric oncology.

The event also received the patronage of the City of Verona.

Alle Tattoo: Alessandro Bonacorsi is an internationally renowned tattoo artist, but he is also much more. Alle is also a Guinness Man who in his life has performed many incredible feats including the longest tattooed sentence in the world (on 77 people), tattooing himself during a stunt flying on a jet and finally the longest lasting tattoo session in the world (breaking the record for the fourth time), working for 57 hours and 25 minutes. He has written three books including "IL MATTINO HA IL MAORI IN BOCCA" ("MAORI BLESS THE MORNING") and has another project in the works for 2017 for a brilliant new creation in print.

Kismet Band: The Kismet are an alternative rock band that has been active since 2000, when the Kismet played as special guests at the LIVE FEST at the O2 Arena in London and at the Lancaster music festival. They published their second album "Shades of Clarity" in 2014, promoted live in support of The Pretty Reckless and Prime Circle during their respective Italian tours. Currently they are in the studio to produce their latest album that will mark a turning point in the band's sound, affirming and confirming their rock soul.

Simeoni Arti Grafiche: Simeoni Arti Grafiche was established in 1990 and every day acts to meet new printing requirements. The company is an important landmark in its region thanks to its ongoing search for alternative solutions and to its speed and ability in providing flexible solutions. Simeoni Arti Grafiche creates products ranging from business cards to posters, from brochure to graphic arts materials for shops and trade fairs as well as graphic services and materials for visuals.

The Umberto Veronesi Foundation: The Umberto Veronesi Foundation was created in 2003 on Umberto Veronesi’s initiative and of many other internationally renowned scientists and intellectuals. In 2014 it started its Gold for Kids project to support pediatric oncology medical care. Every year about 250,000 children in the world get sick with cancer. Pediatric neoplasias are still the leading cause of death by disease in children and has a dramatic impact on families.